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We are a Chicago based firm, working with families to make college affordable for their children. Our team of tax, financial and academic planning experts specializes in creating a customized guide, making sure the students are matched to the major and school of their interests, and the parents can comfortably afford it. 


The founder of Destination College, Lora Georgieva is a Certified College Planner with over 8 years of college planning experience. Lora graduated college with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and a double major in Actuarial Science. Lora works with students to help them with the admission and financial aid parts of the college application process. She has helped hundreds of students get into the colleges of their dreams, while saving them $30,000/year on average between grants and scholarships. Lora is the recipient of the 2017 Influential Women in Business Award, recognized by a local congressman, author of the book "What others don't tell you about college planning", and co-author of the book "Let's talk about Money". Her passion is to make college affordable and accessible for everybody, and she has helped many homeless students, refugees and single moms achieve their college dream. 

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